Road Trip

Don't post on here very much. Wanted to let people know that I'm heading off on a road trip to drop off a friend in Austin. Will be driving through the Bay Area, LA, Arizona and maybe a stop somewhere in between there and our final destination. Leaving on Wednesday (assuming I can get myself together).


For those of you who do not watch my facebook or Twitter, I put up a video of my sister's kitten, Tofu, getting his head stuck in a glass. Just for a moment, but it's still cute.


A Threatening Letter


I am going to shoot you in the fucking face. Your sinister spit knots up my hair long after I have washed away your nauseating mucus. Your suffocating shit reeks of menacing methane and let’s not even talk about what it’s done to my shoes. Catastrophic camelid, it’s war! And I’ve stained all my white flags with yellow bile
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Fuck My Cortisol Levels.

It was hilarious to me at 3am last night when there was yelling and glass breaking.

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Kenya is a sexist country, I figured so. What I didn't expect is that the visa paper work going to the consulate in Los Angeles would also be sexist.

One question asks for "Full names of Father/Husband/Wife (Next of Kin)"
The fill in sections ask for a first name, a middle name, and a last name, and then there is a section for "relationship."

The following asks, "Name of husband or wife in the case of married persons or father if unmarried"
There is a fillable section for first name, middle name, and a last name. Then it forces you to select from husband, wife, or father.

Nowhere does it ask for your mother's information. Being ornery, I filled in my mother's info for the first question and my father's for the second.

Dear Housemate's Crazy Ex-girlfriend,

Ok.  So you're fucking crazy.  You stalked my housemate on our street on his way to work, at a bar where you know he does open mic, and outside his work.

Do not fucking come to my house!

I had wondered for a while why you hadn't showed up here before.  I hope it was because you were fucking terrified of his housemates.  You probably knew I'd shut the door in your face and I did.  I guess drinking a lot and taking sleeping pills makes you brave.  It also makes you puke up on my walkway and I end up having to hose it down while my overly accommodating roommate walks you home.

There is a walk in mental health clinic about 15 blocks away.  You need to go there.

Not here.

Most sincerely,
The Angry Housemate
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